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CryoBlau CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems

CryoBlau is a well designed, multi functional and cost effective CO2 Fire Extinguishing System, gifted to the fire industry by the leading company SAFE Technology. CryoBlau Systems’ hardware are UL/ FM and VdS approved.

Specifications of CO2  Fire Extinguishing Systems

● Provides cooling effect by thermal shock application regarding to the fast discharge by gas phase.

● Puts flames out by disconnecting oxygen feed since it is 1.5 times heavier than air.

● It can be designed alternatively: either with a total flooding method for enclosed protected hazards, or with local application method for a specific zone or area.

Total flooding – this method enables the extinguishing agent to discharge in gas form to fill the complete volume of the protected hazard. Flames put out by decreasing the  oxygen level.


Local application – this method enables the extinguishing agent to discharge in liquid form and creates a coverage area by the cooling effect of “dry ice”. Flames put out by decreaseing heat dramatically.

Advantages of CO2  fire extinguishing agent:

● Discharges within the protected hazards in seconds. Takes the fire under control before high cost of damage is created.

● In the total flooding method, CO2  vapors within the protected hazard and extinguishes fire immediately.

● Open hazard areas or partially closed areas where room integrity cannot be provided, local application method provides a liquid discharge form and “dry ice” provides immediate action of extinguishing.

● It is highly effective for protection of combustible material in A (deep seated) and B (surface) fire classes.

● Does not leave residue.

● Does not require difficult and high cost cleaning.

● It is not conductive.

● Does not harm organic material.

● Does not result in malfunction.

● Does not cause environmental effects under long term use.

● Uses less volume compared to the competitors.

● Provides fast installation and services.

● Can be supplied easily and within budget.

● Recognized by third party independent fire testing laboratories.


Cryo Blau CO2  Fire Extinguishing System Components

1. High pressure gas cylinders, for filling CO2

2. High flow prodiving system valves, to mount on the cylinders

3. Electric actuator to start the system automatically,

4. Manual actuators

5. Pneumatic actuators

6. Pressure switches

7. CO2 discharge nozzles

8. Conventional extinguishing panel

9. Fire alarm detectors

10. Fire bell

11. Flashing sirens

12. Manuel stop buttons

13. Manuel start buttons

How does Cryo Blau CO2  extinguish?

CO2 is a colorless, odorless inert gas that extinguishes fire physically by reducing the oxygen level in the environment that supports the combustion.

At the same time, it cools the environment with the thermal shock effect that occurs during the rapid discharge while under pressure in the gaseous phase.

Since it is 1.5 times heavier than the air, it suppresses the oxygen in the protected hazard and puts the flames out by suffocating oxygen.

System Alternatives to be installed, accordingly with the amount of CO2 requirement:

● Low Pressure CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems: in requirement of a very high level of CO2 to extinguish, the gas is stored in cryogenic tanks in liquid form.

● High Pressure CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems: in requirement of modest level of CO2 to extinguish, the gas is stored in high pressure seamless steel gas cylinders.

Cryo Blau CO2  Fire Extinguishing Systems Application Areas

 Power Plants

 Base Stations

 CO Production Plants

 Power Units

 Electric Plants

 LV & MV Plants

 Transformer Rooms

 Electric Control Rooms

 Control and Remote Stations

 Printing and Pressing Facilities

 Packing Facilities

 Automotive Industry

 Electronic Equipment

 IT Centers and UPS Rooms

 IT Storages

 Electronic Manufacturing Facilities

 Archives and Storages

 Charcoal Manufacturing Plants

 Charcoal Storage, Transport, Dust Filters

 Cement Manufacturing Plants

 High Charcoal Ovens

 Ignition Systems

 Metal Production and Processing

 Steel and Aluminium Manufacturing

 Electric Ovens

 Heat Treatment Ovens

 Coverin Process Lines

 Paint Manufacturing Facilities

 Painting, Mixing and Storage Areas

 Food Process Facilities

 Research Facilities

 Test and Laboratories Facilities

Information About CO2

Carbon dioxide is a molecule composed of a covalently bonded carbon and two oxygen atoms and exists in the gaseous state under normal conditions.

It is a colorless and odorless gas that liquefies easily at 1520C and 36 atmospheric pressure. It is an end product that occurs as a result of metabolizing carbon-containing nutrients.

 Its rate in the atmosphere is less than about 0.03%.

 In environments with poor ventilation, this rate increases and if it reaches 25%, it creates a lethal effect.

 When the amount of CO2 increases, it warns the living creatures by giving them a headache and sleep.

 For normal body functions, a certain amount of CO2 must be present in the blood. However, when this rate reaches a certain level, it can be the cause of death.

How is CO2 manufactured?

In the industry:


 As a result of chemical reaction from flue gas (It was forbidden to be used in the food and pharmaceutical industry in our country in the 1990s)

By natural sources:

 Formation of magmatic origin

 Metamorphic origin formation

 Geothermal origin formation

 Sedimentary origin formation

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