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Field Research and Risk Analysis

Fire Extinguishing Systems',



 According to which standard the system will be designed,

 System capacity,

It is determined according to the fire class and risk analysis of the place to be protected.

Gas Extinguishing Systems are designed in a wide range from rooms with electrical infrastructure equipment to flammable liquid chemicals warehouses and paper archives.


The type and amount of the system and extinguishing agent to be selected are directly related to the fire class and architectural structure of the area to be protected.


The correct design of the extinguishing system can be achieved by up-to-date architectural projects and correct risk analysis in the field.


In order for the systems to fulfill the extinguishing commitment, at the design stage

 from the placement of the cylinder to the piping installation,

 the amount of gas to be discharged from the nozzle diameters to be determined by the hydraulic calculation software of the nozzles,

 from the correct determination of the fire class in the protected area to the architecture of the space.


Systems designed, designed and installed in accordance with the contract must continue to serve in the field after commissioning without changing the site and location conditions.

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