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Room Integrity Test

Chamber sealing is a sought-after feature for the extinguishing commitment in gaseous extinguishing systems. Gas extinguishing systems, especially SAFE227 and SAFE5112 systems, which are extinguishing systems with clean agents, are calculated and designed according to closed and impermeable volumes.


In the places where SAFE227, SAFE5112, CO2 and Inert Gas Extinguishing Systems will be installed, the systems are discharged into the space at different times according to the extinguishing principles.


However, after the discharge is complete, the gas must remain in the space for a certain period of time in order to achieve the desired extinguishing concentration.

The “goods” to be protected against the risk of fire in the space must remain in the gas mass created for at least 10 minutes. In this way, it is ensured that the discharged gas fulfills its extinguishing commitment.

Room Integrity Test is performed by means of calibrated special equipment and fan attached to the room door. There is a special software for calculating how long the "goods" to be burned in the space will remain in the gas mass.


The room integrity test is performed by entering the ambient temperature, the type and capacity of the installed system and the architectural information of the place into the software. The test result is reported to the employer by the software with the data performed on site, including the date and time of the test.

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