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SAFEREX Fire Extinguishing Systems

SAFEREX is a very empowered fire extinguishing system solution, regarding the use of inert gases as extinguishing agents.

Fire extinguishing systems with inert gases are suitable for the hazards where water is not proper to use.

Rapid fire extinguishing with inert gases keeps damage caused by fire to a minimum. In addition to this – in contrast to water, foam or powder – secondary damage caused by the extinguishing agent is excluded: inert gases leave no extinguishing agent residues and can be simply removed from the affected area again by ventilation after extinguishing the fire.

It is important to understand the chemical and physical properties of inert gases, in order to understand how SAFEREX fire extinguishing systems operate.

Pure inert gases and the constituents of the blended versions are found naturally in the atmosphere. These gases are environmentally responsible, having an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero and a global warming potential (GWP) of zero. 

There are no toxicological factors associated with the use of inert gases as they will not decompose or produce any by-products when exposed to flames.

For these reasons, SAFEREX fire extinguishing systems, using inert gases as extinguishing, are environmentally friendly.

The extinguishing systems designed with inert gases extinguish fire by total flooding method, ensuring a complete discharge within 60 - 120 seconds.

SAFEREX systems distribute the inert gases homogenously in the protected hazard in the event of fire and reduce the oxygen amount below combustion concentration (15%). This enables SAFEREX systems to extinguish fire safely without re-ignition. However, the design concentration of extinguishing agents still provides the necessary oxygen concentration to inhale inside the protected hazard.

At the time of fire or during discharge inside an occupied protected hazard, besides the importance of oxygen level, the opportunity of evacuation is very important. Considering the colorless and odorless inert gases discharging inside the protected hazard enables the human beings find the escape route and evacuate easily.

Electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive inert gases, can be used to protect electronic equipment without damaging them. SAFEREX fire extinguishing systems are suitable for use in low temperature hazards as well.

In addition, with the high pressure ability and constant flow technology, SAFEREX systems  allow the use of Schedule 40 piping with a simple discharge pipeline and lower labor cost.

For all these reasons SAFEREX systems are very suitable for the fire protection of A, B and C class fire hazards.

There are four different SAFEREX fire extinguishing system alternatives:

IG-01 Systems consist of 100% Argon gas.

IG-55 Systems consist of 50% Nitrogen and 50% Argon gases.

IG-100 Systems consist of 100% Nitrogen gas.

IG-541 Systems consist of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon and 8% CO2 gases.

SAFEREX systems have 200 bars and 300 bars working pressure options with the storage cylinder volumes of 80 liters or 140 liters.


These options enable four different engineering solutions for each system alternative.


100% Argon





100% Nitrogen

50% Argon

50% Nitrogen

52% Nitrogen

40% Argon

8% CO₂

EN 15004-7

EN 15004-8

EN 15004-9

EN 15004-10

IG01 is heavier density than air (1.38). Thus, Argon perfectly adapted to spaces where false floors have been installed because of low upper part insulation.

IG100 has a similar density to air (0.97), Thus Nitrogen can disperse optimally in the room space and maintain a concentration for a long period.

As mixed gases, IG55 and IG541, enable to have different density and thus to disperse and cover the entire space area.

SAFEREX IG01 Fire Extinguishing Systems:

Use 100% Argon as the extinguishing agent which suits the most demanding requirements with the utmost respect for the environment.

Regarding its high density, Argon extinguishing agent  quickly concentrates in the lower part of the room. It is highly recommended for class A, B and C hazards, with raised floors or low heighted objects to be protected.

About IG01 – Argon extinguishing agent

Argon is an inert gas which is extracted from the atmosphere. It is completely natural as is and valued as an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent.

Argon may be used for application-specific Class D materials such as titanium dust, magnesium, etc.

Using 100% Argon as an extinguishing agent, doesn’t require any blending and this provides an easy refill that can be carried out geographic location-freely.

SAFEREX IG55 Fire Extinguishing Systems:

Are one of the most popular fire extinguishing systems due to the extinguishing efficiency of its mixture of 50% Argon and 50% Nitrogen agents.

The 50% to 50% blend of Argon and Nitrogen allows the perfect distribution of the agent in the room to extinguish effectively.

About IG55 -Argon and Nitrogen extinguishing agents

These substances are found in the atmosphere and are therefore completely ecological and environmentally harmless. The firefighting efficiency of both substances has been proven separately.

The mixture of agents enables the balance of air density and, therefore, equal weights of these agents will be homogeneously mixed to protect the enclosure. The mixture of these agents retains their individual properties: 

They are colorless, odorless and tasteless. 

They leave no residue after discharge, are chemically neutral and therefore do not react with substances present in the room.

As a mixture of different gases, IG55 agent enables to have a different density and thus to disperse and cover the entire protected hazard.

SAFEREX IG100 Fire Extinguishing Systems:

Use Nitrogen to extinguish 100% ecologically. Nitrogen used in SAFEREX IG100 as an extinguishing agent, is also used for the extinguishing systems regarding its excellent pressurization conditions.

About IG100 - Nitrogen extinguishing agent

Nitrogen has a similar density to air. Thus Nitrogen can disperse optimally in the protected hazardand maintain a concentration to a long period of time.

Nitrogen is non-toxic, and does not cause irritation on the skin and eyes.

Pure nitrogen is obtained by distillation of air, so it is a completely environmentally friendly gas with zero ozone depletion (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP).


Using 100% Nitrogen as an extinguishing agent, doesn’t require any blending and this provides an easy refill that can be carried out geographic location-freely.

SAFEREX IG541 Fire Extinguishing Systems:

Are a blend of the extinguishing agents: 40% argon, 52% nitrogen and 8% CO₂, to ensure fire suppression with unique features.

About IG541 -Argon, Nitrogen, CO2 extinguishing agents

The blended agent IG541 includes a low percentage of carbon dioxide which enhances its ability to sustain life in a reduced oxygen atmosphere. This feature distinguishes it from the rest of the inert gas systems, making it one of the most popular options for our customers.

As a mixture of different gases, IG541 agent enables to have a different density and thus to disperse and cover the entire protected hazard.

Usage Areas of Inert Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems

​Below, some of the most frequent usage ares are listed:

Data Centers,
IT and Server Rooms,
 UPS Rooms,
Electrical Cabinet Rooms,
Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage Electric Rooms,
Jenerator and Transformator Infrastructure Rooms,
Combustible chemicals, devices, Equipment Storages,
Paper and File Archives,
Art Gallery Archives and Storages,
Museum Archives and Storages

Designing a fire extinguishing system by using inert gases, enables the solutions to: 

The extinguishing agents Nitrogen and Argon are available almost everywhere - this leads to quick and cost effective refilling after operation,

The use of inert gas fire extinguishing systems avoid long downtimes and expensive interruptions in operations,

Cost effective multi-zone systems with extinguishing gas storage can be implemented for several extinguishing zones,

High degree of flexibility for modification, as a result of the high pressure technology,

Constant flow technology ensures a constant flow of the extinguishing agent in the event of a fire -  this permits the use of up to 70% smaller pressure relief dampers,

Enables a more compact storage of the extinguishing agent, requiring up to 50% less space,


in compliance with the current regulations for the use of these systems, together with our professional experience, SAFE Technology guarantees customized protection regardless of the characteristics of the enclosure. The system is optimized for the worst case conditions, all components are certified to ensure the strictest performance. These are necessary for the storage, detection, release and discharge of the agent at the right moment.

What Equipment Do SAFEREX Fire Suppression Systems Consist of?

Nitrogen, Argon and CO2 fire extinguishing agents are used in fire extinguishing systems. Fire extinguishing systems consist of system cylinders, manifolds and check valves, constant pressure regulators,  system valves, valve accessories (manual, electric and pneumatic actuators), fire extinguishing agent, discharge pipes with fittings, discharge nozzles and hydraulic calculation software. In order to start the fire extinguishing system automatically with a fire scenario, installations contain conventional fire detection systems with cross zone detection scenario.

What Does System Approval Refer to?

System approval commits that the fire extinguishing system extinguishes fire if it is installed within the stated design criteria and limitations of the manufacturer.

Requirements for system approval:

 Testing and certification of a third party test institution for all the components included in the system according to related manufacturing standards individually.

 Instruction manual of the approved system where design standards, system.limitations, equipment list and Equipment combinationsof the system are defined.

 System approval certificate, prepared after extinguishing tests by the third party test institution according to the instruction manual

SAFEREX Fire Extinguishing Systems


SAFEREX Fire Extinguishing Systems are under system approval by the independent accredited German fire testing laboratory VdS and SAFEREX is a registered trademark of SAFE Technology.

SAFEREX Systems and information about system equipment will soon be able to find on VdS website among certificates, under the Certificate no. which will be declared by SAFE Technology.

SAFEREX Fire Extinguishing Systems consist of:

 System valves and accessories manufactured according to EN 12094-4 and T.P.E.D. tested and certified by VdS,

 Seamless Steel System cylinders manufactured according to ISO 9809-1 and T.P.E.D. tested and certified by TÜV,

 Fire extinguishing agents Nitrogen, Argon and CO2,

 Hydraulic Calculation Software developed and provided by VdS


Designed according to ISO 14520-5 / EN 15004-7,8,9,10 under 200 and 300 bars working pressure, with constant pressure regulator under 60 bars.

*T.P.E.D. : Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive

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