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Refill Hydrostatic Tests

FM-200® / HFC227ea & NOVEC1230 /FK5112  & CO2 & Inert Gasses

 FM-200™ / HFC227ea fillings at 42 and 50 bar working pressure in SAFE227 Extinguishing Systems,

 NOVEC™ 1230 / FK5112 fillings at 42 and 50 bar working pressure in SAFE5112 Extinguishing Systems,

 In CryoBlau Extinguishing Systems, CO2 fillings,

 Filling of Nitrogen, Argon and CO2 mixed gases at 200 and 300 bar working pressure in SAFEREX Systems,

 FM-200™ fillings at 17 bar operating pressure in Firelords In-Panel Extinguishing Systems,

 In Firelords CNC In-bench Extinguishing Systems, CO2 fillings,

 In SAFEGUARD Hood Extinguishing Systems, GUARDEX fillings at 17 bar working pressure,

It is carried out by our experienced Production Units Team at the filling station of our factory located in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.

We provide installation preparation and post-empty refilling services for our registered brands mentioned above. 

As SAFE Technology, FM-200™ / HFC227ea, NOVEC™ 1230 / FK5112, CO2 and Inert Gas fillings of extinguishing systems of other manufacturers, of which we have been performing installation and field services in the sector for years, are carried out at the filling station of our organization.

With refill services:

 Systems installed by us and discharged on site for extinguishing purposes,

 Systems that are required to be discharged and filled during hydrostatic tests, which have been installed by us and are legally required to be carried out every ten years,

 Systems of other approved main manufacturers whose installation was not carried out by us, but whose periodic maintenance and service services were undertaken by us,

In case of discharge due to fire or any other reason, it is aimed that the filling and surveillance periods are completed quickly and that it can be safely delivered to the operation area it is protecting.

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