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Periodic Maintenances

“Complicated Fire Suppression Systems want to get support from a single source in design, installation and service.”

Periodic maintenance services serve to detect and control whether the fire extinguishing systems installed in the field are mechanically and electrically operational.

The frequency of periodic maintenance is determined according to the recommendations of the manufacturers and the needs of the employer / field. Periodic maintenance can be carried out in line with the needs and demands of the system users in the field, although not longer than six months.

Periodic maintenance,

 Specializing in the type of system installed,

 Systems design, supply, installation, commissioning and system intervention authorities and competencies,

 Being an authorized dealer, partner and/or solution partner of system manufacturer "OEM" companies and products,

 Completed all technical training related to systems,

We archive the periodic maintenance services with a special software support for the installations of our registered brands SAFE227, SAFE5112, SAFEREX, CRYOBLAU, SAFEGUARD, FIRELORDS and SAFEMARE, which we manufacture, and the brands of CHEMETRON and KIDDE, which were installed by us, and which were carefully completed by us in the field.

Our field teams perform periodical maintenance services in the field through special checklists assigned to their computers according to the type of system.

A field program is made in such a way that all equipment that can be detected during maintenance is backed up in our team vehicles.

It is checked by running fire detection scenarios without making an attempt to discharge the system installed at the work site. From the detection attempts of the detectors to the stopping and discharging functions of the system, the tests within the scope of the checklist are carried out, and if any, negative / inappropriate situations are reported in software. 

Thanks to our archive of as built installation projects, the continuity of the conditions in which the system was designed is checked.

Periodic maintenance is one of our most important services that ensures that the installed systems maintain their performance as on the first day.

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