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Project Management and Consultancy

As SAFE Technology, the engineering calculations and project drawings of our works that we have carried out both contracting and installation for years are completed by our organization.

The quality policy and customer-oriented stance of our organization enable us to approach every job with a careful project management.

Our purpose:

 To meet every request with a suitable system type suggestion,

 To present adequate and necessary system design,

 Answering all questions and information requests regarding the actual need in the field, the selected system type and the use of the system, at any time,

 To present the most economical system solution combinations to our employers, customers, solution partners and investor companies according to the appropriate business plan calendar,

 To follow the business calendar of multidisciplinary studies in the business field,

 To ensure the organization of our teams and other disciplines in the business field,

 It is to present the most appropriate solution at the right time.

Our organization:

 As a result of the necessary risk analysis regarding the areas to be protected,

 Extinguishing system alternatives that can be installed,

 It has adopted the principle of providing solutions that will provide the fastest, most reliable and cost effective extinguishing.


You can get information from our company about the types and areas of use of extinguishing systems, from design criteria and production standards to the routine control and operating principles that must be carried out in the field.


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