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Trainings, Seminars and Exhibitions

Extinguishing and Detection Systems, commissioning and periodic maintenance services include comprehensive training. The trainings carried out by our field teams include the content of the systems and the conditions of use in the field.


It is possible to intervene in the systems mechanically and electrically. Interventions such as initiating and blocking the extinguishing process and operations such as dismantling and re-commissioning of systems can only be performed after user training is completed.

The manual and electrical activators on the valves of the systems and the various commands and buttons on the conventional extinguishing panels are of great importance for the correct use of the systems.

It may be necessary to operate and/or block the systems outside the scenario, both in the event of a fire or during any construction or maintenance operation to be carried out in the protected area.

User trainings are given in the commissioning work program of the systems.

All system users in the work area can participate in these trainings, as well as for requested periodic maintenance and/or service.

With us, 

  At TSE Fire Mirror Committee meetings,

  At the CEN and CENELEC European Union Standards Preparation Committee meetings,

  In various fair organizations held in our country,

  At the Interschutz fairs held in Germany on the international platform and Intersec fairs held in Dubai,

  In our seminars where we come together with our employers and solution partners to announce our new brands, existing products and services.

You can come together.

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