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About Us

SAFE Technology Ltd. Co. was established in 2009 and is a leading engineering company operating in Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems field.


We took part in many value-added projects in Turkey as the representative of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) companies Chemetron and KIDDE. FM-200, NOVEC 1230, Inert and Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems, and the Fire Extinguishing Systems installed in Commercial Kitchens, Electrical Panels, CNC Machines, and Engine Cabins of Boats are our main activity areas.


We work in extinguishing systems design, project and engineering calculations, contracting, installation, commissioning and after-sales services in all the above mentioned product groups.


The environmental protocols, international standards and regulations that we closely follow up, all technological developments in the market and our knowledge brought us, as the SAFE Technology team, a manufacturer of fire extinguishing systems.


As of 2023, we have completed our VdS system approvals with the German independent accredited laboratory for our registered brands SAFE227 in HFC227ea extinguishing systems, SAFE5112 in FK5112 extinguishing systems, and SAFEREX in Inert Gas extinguishing systems.


Our founder, M. Ünal EMİROĞLU had been working as the General Manager of an organization specialized in the manufacturing of high pressure gas cylinders between 1995 and 2010.

He is the;

founder of various associations where many activities are carried out regarding the Transportable Pressurized Equipment Directive, Cylinder Manufacturers and Extinguishing Systems implemented by the Ministry of Turkish Customs and Industry and Chairman of Turkish Standards Institute Fire Mirror Committee.


Under the leadership of our founder M. Ünal EMİROĞLU;


Since the day it was founded, our company is an engineering company that has been serving in accordance with international regulations and standards, within the framework of its collaborations with main manufacturers and brands, with a solution-oriented and high perception of quality, a corporate culture that prioritizes the needs of customers and end users, and a strong team.

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Export to 13 Countries


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Our Vision

To be the most preferred company in the field of "Fire Extinguishing Systems" in the world market by increasing its market share every year, with its technical knowledge, solution-oriented engineering skills, registered brands and customer-oriented commercial successes.

Our Mission

At SAFE Technology, we complete each of our projects without compromising quality standards, prioritizing our engineering and technical know-how, with our environmentalist and nature-friendly identity, with team spirit and customer satisfaction in our focus.

Our Company Values

Our values ​​are the foundation of our practices.


Solution Oriented


Ownership of the Job


Time Management


Our Quality Policy

To design, project, produce and deliver our products to our customers on time, in accordance with National and International standards, without compromising safety and security rules, where we meet customer expectations fully, with high quality and assurance, at the lowest possible cost.

To ensure sustainability in product and service delivery and quality. To do right at the first time in all activities. To constantly monitor new technologies and products and bring them to the Organization. To inform our customers about new technologies and products. To increase our competitive power with continuous development.

To our employees; To provide continuous training so that they can meet their customer expectations and provide products and services.

To identify and meet changing and developing customer expectations fully and accurately.

To provide products that comply with our quality system and our customers' expectations by working in coordination with our suppliers.

All our activities; To perform in accordance with legal regulations, standards, our quality system, by protecting environmental health and nature.

"Every factory is a fortress."


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