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Commercial Kitchen
Fire Extinguishing Systems

There is a high risk of fire in commercial kitchens such as restaurants, hotels and catering firms

where the cooking fat flames up reaching 360 C .

The fire fight against cooking fat should absolutely take place with F class fire extinguishing liquid chemical agent.

The Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection System with the trademark of SAFEGUARD is an approved and a certified pre-engineering system of SAFE Group Manufacturing and prevents fire from thousands of kitchens within our local and global distributor network.

Application Areas

The system is applied to the ventilation hood(s) and shrouding as well as the cooking equipment. The system is assembled to the hood and shrouding ventilation parts where the cooking fat is being collected, frying, grilling, cooling, baking and boiling units are protected as well.

The Kitchen Units Protected by SAFEGUARD

1. Hood

2. Shrouding

3. Ventilation - Filter

4. Grilling Unit

5. Frying Pan

6. Cooking Area

7. Working Unit

8. Frying Unit


1. System Cylinder

2. Discharge Network

3. Discharge Nozzles

4. Fire Detect Network

5. Manual Start Button

6. End of Line Adaptor

7. Gas Power

Fulfilling Requirements of;

 UL 300 (Fire Extinguishing Systems Fire Test Standard for Cooking Equipment Protection)

 NFPA 17A (Liquid Chemical Fire Extinguishing Systems)

 NFPA 96 (Ventilation Control and Fire Protection Standard in Commercial Cooking Application)

 EN 17446 Fire Extinguishing System in Commercial Kitchens System Design, Documentation and Test Requirements

 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive

Required Areas





 School Canteens

 Campus Cafeterias

 Dormitory Kitchens


 AVM Food Court Stores

The low PH value, Potassium salt based Guardex Chemical Liquid is used against the fire risk of solid and liquid cooking fat as the extinguishant in pre- engineered SAFEGUARD Commercial Kitchen Fire Systems.

Why SAFEGUARD Systems?

SAFEGUARD Sustainability of your Investment

Distinguishing Marks

● Low pH value extinguishant

● Pre-engineered and approved systems

● Continuous pressure or high capacity refilling types of six different system options and economic solution with the least number of agent cylinders

● Easy to install with aesthetic equipment

● Environmental and user friendly

● Easy to clean, maintain and economic refilling solution

● CE marked equipment approved by PED and recognized by UL-300, NFPA 17A, NFPA 96, EN 17446

The system is activated by the fire reaching the red tube. The agent cylinder or the system valve on the outside cartridge is  triggered. Guardex chemical extinguishant discharges on the cooking equipment, ventilation area and the hood through the pipe network.


Guardex is a Potassium salt based, low pH valued fire extinguishing agent, which is used in case of fire caused by the cooking fat used for all types of frying, cooking, grilling and baking equipments.

It is especially effective on fat and oil surfaces. Guardex generates an extinguishing and a fireproof layer on the surface it discharges. The layer, Guardex generates, is removable without any need of a cleaner after use. The whole area applied, can be poured with water or a vapourization machinery.


"For sustainability of your business against risk of fire,

SAFEGUARD Commercial Kitchen Fire Extinguishing Systems"

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